Hercules Concrete specializes in concrete forming for residential and commercial properties. We have built low rise condominiums, single and multi-story parking garages, residential and commercial foundations, and specialty forming for commercial projects.

Elevator Shaft Forming

Hercules Concrete offers concrete forming, concrete placing, and concrete finishing for our clients in residential and ICI sectors of the construction industry. We are able to become involved with our clients during the pre-construction phase of a project. This involvement allows us to provide input on design concept to Architectural and Engineering teams, which can result in the most cost-effective structural design.

Hercules Concrete has the expertise to provide cost-effective, efficient solutions and techniques that are supported by the highest quality workmanship and reliability.  Our services are designed to save you time and money, and we are committed to make every effort to meet deadlines on your project.

Concrete Forming
Concrete Forming 1

Our team has a proven track record of constructing concrete foundations efficiently. We can form and pour continuous strip footings, isolated footings, pad footings, mat foundations, stepped footings, sloped footings, combined footings, and strap footings. We determine the most cost-effective way to complete given scope of work for every project. 

Hercules Concrete is specialized in concrete forming, and is determined to provide the exact wall design required for your project. We have the ability to construct all cast-in-place concrete wall types, including, retaining walls, single-side walls, blind-side walls, foundation walls, frost walls, radius walls, exposed architectural walls, and stamped concrete walls. 

Pouring Concrete Wall
Column Formwork

We have the expertise and the ability to construct any cast-in-place concrete columns your project may require, weather it is classic rectangular shape or exposed architectural look is required. We can construct any column design required for your project, such as, square columns, rectangular columns, circular columns, L-shape columns, T-shape columns, and custom design concrete columns.

Hercules Concrete has the ability and expertise to construct different types of suspended slabs by using the appropriate forming system. We determine the best forming system to use for every project in order to increase efficiency. We construct many types of cast-in-place suspended slabs, such as, one-way slabs on beams, one-way joist slabs, waffle slabs, flat slabs, two-way slabs on beams, and bubble deck slabs.

Suspended Slab Falsework