Hercules Concrete specializes in stamped concrete work for residential and commercial properties. We have completed many projects for clients requiring decorative concrete work.

Stamped Concrete

The beauty of concrete stamping concrete is the versatility and variety available for residential and commercial use.

For interior floors there are stamped concrete overlays. Concrete stamping overlays are thin coatings of approximately ¼ inch thick.

Concrete resurfacing is not just limited to concrete stamping. There is a big variety of patterns and textures for refinishing old, cracked concrete with decorative finishes.

Exterior and interior stamped concrete, as well as, textured concrete overlays are available in any color you need to match and enhance the appearance of your residential or commercial property. Some of the options in patterns:

Natural Slate – Choose from a variety of slate patterns. English Field, Ashlar Slate.
Natural Stone – Choose Tuscany, Cobblestone, Random Stone, Yucatan Stone.
Brick Patterns – Basket Weave, Running Bond, Herringbone.
Wood Patterns – Classic Wood or Cedar patterns.
Seamless Granite – Roman Slate, Sierra, Blue, Stone, Limestone.

Decorative Concrete
Stamped Concrete

If you have existing interior or exterior concrete that is unsightly and needs resurfacing you have many overlay solution.

First concrete overlay coat can be applied and either use strapping tape, saw cuts, or vinyl patterns which are resurfaced with a second coat. This system yields a cost effective, decorative overlay. This thin coat system is ideal when height matters.

Frequently, adding tile or hardwood to pre-existing concrete will raise the floor height beyond local code requirements.

For exterior stamped concrete and concrete overlays, solvent based sealer will result in the longest life of your slab, while enhancing the color and texture. Water based sealer could also be used.

For interior concrete, water and solvent based sealers are both ideal. Urethane and epoxy coatings can also be used for surface protection of your concrete slab.

Stamped Concrete