Hercules Concrete specializes in concrete floor finishing for residential and commercial properties. Our concrete floor finishing crews have experience and expertise to complete flatwork projects of any complexity.

Concrete Floor Finishing

Hercules Concrete has extensive experience in constructing flat and durable concrete flooring for warehouses, production plants, manufacturing premises, and residential multi-story buildings. We have individual approach to every project to ensure the performance and lifetime of a concrete slab are maximized. We assess the future use of a floor and conditions affecting it to determine the materials and methods of construction required for concrete floor that will last.

Hercules Concrete is proud to bring expertise and unsurpassed reputation to concrete floor finishing. Our concrete floor finishing crews are among the most experienced in Ontario and provide services for any type of flatwork.

We take pride in our dedicated team members who work hard to meet deadlines and to stay within budget. Hercules Concrete team is well-known for talented and specialized craftsmen who strive to exceed your expectations.

Concrete Floor Finishing
Concrete Floor Finishing

Hercules Concrete team is highly skilled and trained to complete concrete floor placement and finishing of any complexity level. Providing our clients with durable and long lasting concrete slabs is our specialty. We are able to place and finish over 60,000 square feet in one single pour. The best quality floor can be achieved by selecting the right concrete floor finishing team.

Hercules Concrete utilizes Soff Cut technology for early entry cuts of control joints. Cutting newly placed slab is one of the most important steps in the flatwork finishing process. Properly cut concrete slab will function in the way it is supposed to, and will significantly reduce maintenance costs in the future. Improper saw cutting of a newly placed slab can lead to significant issues in functionality, and less than ideal appearance. At Hercules Concrete we take saw cutting flatwork seriously and have crews that are specifically trained in early-entry saw cutting.

Concrete Floor Finishing
Concrete Curing

Hercules Concrete beleives that a job is not complete until the flatwork has been properly cured. Improper curing practices can ruin even the most perfectly placed concrete slab. Appropriate curing allows for flatwork to retain moisture and gain strength. The most critical period for curing is the first week. There are many different forms of curing methods, such as, wet cure, bond breaker, or spray on chemicals. At Hercules Concrete we have the experience and equipment to provide our customers with a properly cured and good looking finished product.

Our team is highly skilled, trained, and equipped with the most up-to-date equipment to complete any concrete floor finishing project.

Hercules Concrete team is ready to discuss your project and design a plan that meets your specifications and requirements.

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